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3D Ear Scan

A 3D ear scan is quick, accurate,
and offers no discomfort

Out With The Old, In With The New

The traditional way of getting earmolds involved putting a tiny plug of foam or cotton against a patient’s tympanum or filling the ear canal with a soft paste. The process is messy, complicated, and time-consuming. Thanks to advancements in technology, the process of getting earmolds is made easier and more convenient. Plus, the waiting time is shortened significantly! With Lantos 3D ear scanning, we can give you access to a full range of custom-fit hearing solutions that fit perfectly. Custom-fit products are highly recommended to patients who are looking for superior comfort and unparalleled audio quality. Custom-fit ear molds also fit securely in the ear, lessening or completely eliminating the chances of falling out. If you’re looking for a safe and modern alternative to traditional silicone earmold fitting, we highly recommend the Lantos Ear Scanning System.

What Is 3D Ear Scanning?

3D ear scans are safe and modern alternatives to the traditional procedure of silicone ear mold impression, so that the true shape of the ears can be fully captured digitally.

PA Center for Hearing and Balance uses Lantos Ear Scanning System to map the unique 3D geometry of the ear. With patented technology, the Lantos membrane protects the camera and the patient’s ear canal as the probe is placed in the ear where it gently inflates and conforms to its unique shape.

Lantos Ear Scanning System provides a pristine and controlled environment inside the membrane, free of debris and wax, ensuring that audiologists get the most accurate capture of over one million data points.

The single-use membrane ensures maximum hygiene and safety while producing a deep and precise ear scan to be used for making custom-fit earpieces.

Lantos Ear Scanning System - Springfield, PA

Getting a 3D ear scan is simple, easy, and painless. The entire process is usually completed within 5 minutes. PA Center for Hearing and Balance offers accurate and deep ear scans without the risk of pain and discomfort that traditional earmold impressions entail.

With Lantos Ear Scanning System, our patients experience a fast and completely digital workflow. Since the scanning system runs on a digital platform, the results can be easily accessed by manufacturers and audiology clinics on the same day that the scan is completed.

This means that 3D ear scanning can virtually eliminate all the waiting time spent for shipping, which is a whole other story for traditional ear impressions. By using Lantos Ear Scanning System, custom earmolds are created faster, making the process more efficient and convenient.

Why Choose Lantos Ear Scanning System?

Lantos Ear Scanning System is a favorite tool of clinicians and practicing audiologists to provide a quick and personalized procedure of ear mold production.

Lantos Ear Scanning System is a worthy departure from the traditional process of producing silicone earmold impressions. With its patented membrane-based scanning technology, highly-detailed ear scan data is captured in minutes!

Our clients can enjoy a highly-personalized hearing solution that’s customized accurately to their needs and anatomy. And the best part? The results are obtained significantly faster than the traditional process. PA Center for Hearing and Balance stays on top of the latest innovation for hearing healthcare so we can offer you the best and latest hearing solutions!
3D Ear Scanning – Springfield, PA
At PA Center for Hearing and Balance, we offer the best and most updated hearing care with the latest technology. We are proud to announce that we are the only practice in the Springfield, PA area that offers custom ear impressions using the Lantos Ear Scanning System.

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