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Crackling in the ears can be annoying and sometimes alarming. Although it is usually harmless, people with frequent or severe symptoms should seek medical attention.


Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder – A TMJ disorder may be why you have stiffness or limited jaw movement. More commonly associated with pain and headaches as common symptoms, milder ones include hearing a crackling sound in your ears when opening or closing your mouth. Luckily there are medications that can help control some TMJ symptoms to avoid more severe complications from becoming worse.

Impacted Earwax – If you find yourself with impacted earwax, there are times when it cannot be flushed out and may need to be removed. If an audiologist determines that your hearing is being affected or if the problem simply won’t go away after regular attempts at cleaning, then a surgical procedure may help relieve the pressure in your ear canal and remove most of the buildup.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction – The tube that connects the middle ear to the throat can sometimes become blocked or function improperly, leading to pressure buildup in the ears (known as “air trapping”). This may be due to an allergy, cold, sinusitis, or other infection. If you notice any fullness in your ears or if they “pop” it could be a sign of ETD.


Doctors are often able to diagnose the cause of crackling by conducting a physical exam and taking your medical history. Advanced tests like hearing exams or CT scans may be necessary in order to find out what’s wrong with your ears, though- not always will an accurate diagnosis can be made based solely on these steps alone.


You’re never too old to have a problem with your ears, even if you’ve been hearing them pop and crack for years. In fact, just like the rest of our body parts, they deteriorate as we age. But don’t worry because there are treatments available no matter what is going on in or around your ear canal.

Crackling in the ear can be triggered by many factors – from infection to injury. If you hear those crackling sounds, it may mean that there is fluid buildup in your body. These sound waves can come from either inside or outside of the ear canal and an X-ray will help hearing healthcare professionals determine which side needs treatment.
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While there are many potential causes for this symptom, they typically stem from conditions like earwax buildup (cerumen impaction), fluid trapped in the middle ear, a perforated eardrum or other middle ear problems.
The ear has many functions and can be affected by a variety of conditions, such as the eustachian tube dysfunction. Changes in pressure, acute otitis media or an accumulation of wax may cause crackling sounds to occur.
If you experience frequent or severe crackling sounds in your ears, talk to your doctor about treatment options that may help resolve these issues before they become more serious.
Did you know that crackling in your ear can be a serious health risk? For example, if left untreated for an infection or tumor on the eardrum it could lead to hearing loss. The most common cause of this symptom are cracks inside ears due to lack of moisture. This is commonly experienced when flying as well because air pressure changes sometimes create these conditions and people often mistake them with something more sinister like tinnitus.

Frequent crackling in the ear may signify many different things – infections, tumors near one’s eardrums (the middle part), drying out from lack of moisture, etc.
There’s a reason why there are so many stories about people who hear strange sounds coming from within their ears. When our ears accumulate too much wax, they become blocked and prevent sound waves from entering the canal; this in turn causes weird popping or crackling in the ear.
If you’re not sure what your problem is but things seem really off – then go see an audiologist for some help right away before it gets worse. PA Center for Hearing and Balance can help look into what’s going on in your ears and give you a thorough check-up and diagnosis.
The ear is an intricate and complex organ that can be easily damaged by loud noises such as concerts or even infections from bacteria. If your ears start to hurt, are ringing or popping, it’s time to go see a doctor. Healthcare professionals can prescribe treatment options that will suit your needs and provide relief from your symptoms.
Some people can’t bear the annoyance of cracking an ear. The fact that it’s usually temporary and harmless is a good thing, but for those who are plagued with incessant ear-crackles or high frequency crackling sounds they should take them seriously to avoid worsening their condition.
Ear crackling is not a fun experience. This condition can typically be fixed within days or weeks after having the common cold, but it might also signify other issues such as an ear infection and/or fluid buildup from allergies that would entail medical attention.

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