Hearing and Balance


When you have hearing loss, it can be hard to enjoy life. You might miss out on conversations with friends and family or feel like you’re missing parts of movies and TV shows. If you’re tired of not being able to hear people when they talk, then it’s time for a change. PA Center for Hearing and Balance has the solution that will make your life easier again—hearing aids from top brands like Phonak, Oticon, Widex and more.

We carry a variety of different styles so there’s something that fits your lifestyle perfectly. We also provide comprehensive consultations so you can get answers to all your questions before making an investment in our services or products.


If you’re struggling with hearing loss, it can be hard to hear what people say. You might feel frustrated or embarrassed when you don’t understand what someone is saying.

Hearing loss doesn’t have to hold you back from enjoying life. We offer a variety of services, including hearing tests and customized hearing aids for every stage of your journey.

Our team at PA Center for Hearing and Balance can help improve your quality of life through affordable solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.

PA Center for Hearing and Balance is a place where people come to us based on personal preference as well as medical necessity—we understand that everyone’s case is different from one another. That’s why we treat each person with individualized attention while also making sure they are comfortable during every visit at our hearing center.


Imagine a world where you couldn’t hear the sound of your loved ones voice or the birds chirping in your yard. Imagine not being able to enjoy life’s little moments because you can’t hear them. PA Center for Hearing and Balance is dedicated to ensuring that nobody has to live with this reality. We provide excellent personalized hearing services and custom testing results so that everyone can hear better!

We are the hearing care provider that will help you get better clarity of sound. You’ll find a variety of solutions in our selection and excellent customer service to help you choose what’s best for your needs.

We at PA Center for Hearing and Balance understand that not every case is like the next and we treat each person with individualized attention while also making sure they are comfortable during their visit.


We believe in tailoring your hearing aids to suit your individual needs and preferences. Let us help you figure out the perfect product for yourself, tailored to you. If you’re looking for the provider of the best hearing aids in Lima PA, come visit us at PA Center for Hearing and Balance.

Our team of reliable and competent audiologists and hearing specialists will be more than happy to be part of your journey to better hearing.


As people age, they can find themselves missing words or phrases due to the inability to hear high frequency noises. This is because their ability to distinguish between broad “a” sounds and “s” sounds decreases as well.

Losing your hearing is no fun, but our team will assess and find the right hearing aid for you. We’ll understand how to make adjustments to suit your needs, and help you get back in touch with what’s going on around you.

In today’s world, hearing loss is a common occurrence. It may be difficult to deal with, but there are steps you can take to improve your life. There are many things you can do on your own like adjusting the TV volume and sitting near the front of the room in meetings. If you want additional help, our audiologist can fit you for hearing aids that will make it easier for those around you to understand what you’re saying and keep up with conversations.


Hearing loss may sometimes creep up on you when you least expect it. Sounds gradually become muffled until it is no longer recognizable. When sound becomes difficult or impossible to hear, your brain struggles with a phenomenon called “noise-induced hearing loss.” This can lead to further communication difficulties, such as difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments or struggling with attention and memory.

Hearing problems are often overlooked, but they can cause a great deal of stress. Don’t let hearing issues degrade your quality of life! PA Center for Hearing and Balance specializes in diagnosing any problems you have with your ears and helping you find a solution that will make life better for you.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your ears, it’s time to call us at PA Center for Hearing and Balance. We specialize in diagnosing what might be going on in your ears and providing solutions that will make life better not just today but into the future.

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