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Phonak Hearing Aids: Audeo Marvel

Powered by Sonova’s advanced SWORD chip technology, the Audeo Marvel offers the pioneering technology of enabling wireless streaming of all audio content platform to both ears from countless Bluetooth devices, including Android smartphones and Apple devices.
The Phonak Audeo Marvel also offered a more durable and dynamic set of TV-streaming accessories and remote microphone with Roger wireless accessories. The reliability of these features is powered by the company’s 2.4 GHz streaming technology which makes RogerDirect deliver rich and significant advances to enhance a user’s ability to understand speech in noise, even from a distance. The best part about Phonak Marvel hearing aids is that all models can be upgraded to Marvel 2.0 with a simple firmware upgrade that can be carried out at PA Center for Balance and Hearing and other hearing care clinics in your area.

Phonak Hearing Aids: Audeo Marvel RT

With all the hearing aid technologies available in the market, hearing loss is easier to manage. As long as you find a reliable hearing care provider or a trusted audiologist to take care of your hearing loss needs, it will be easy for you to find the product that suits your hearing needs and lifestyle. If you are in the Springfield, PA area, PA Center for Hearing and Balance houses a team of audiologists to address your hearing loss needs and provide practical solutions to improve your quality of life.
The Phonak Audeo Marvel RT is a rechargeable hearing aid with a telecoil and is considered to be a newbie in the Phonak hearing aids family. This model is a great solution for individuals who are looking for Phonak hearing aids that can offer hearing loop access and rechargeability features. The Phonak Audeo Marvel RT offers the ff. Features: smartphone app, stereo Bluetooth streaming, RogerDirect, hands-free calls in stereo, rechargeability and TV streaming, to name a few.

Phonak Hearing Aids: Audeo Paradise

Just like the previous Phonak hearing aids, the Audeo Paradise has lithium-ion rechargeability, hands-free calling, universal Bluetooth connectivity and offers access to a full suite of wireless accessories. But, you get all that and more with the newest advanced technologies such as the PRISM sound processing chip, motion sensing, improved noise cancellation and noise reduction, and tap controls.

Phonak Hearing Aids: Bolero M

Phonak hearing aids also reach far and wide the hearing loss spectrum, starting with the Bolero M, a hearing aid that is specially designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss and who prefer a traditional BTE solution. The Bolero M offers the same universal Bluetooth streaming features that Phonak hearing aids in the Marvel line offers - but in the traditional BTE form factor.

What is the newest model among Phonak hearing aids?

The latest model among Phonak hearing aids is the Paradise, which is based and powered by the new PRISM chip, which integrates 2.4 GHz communication protocol and multiple Bluetooth through a single chip. The PRISM chip enables true hands-free calling and universal Bluetooth audio streaming.

Phonak Hearing Aids: Bluetooth Technology

In 2018, Phonak further upped the ante as an industry innovator by launching Marvel, the first ever hearing aid that’s capable of streaming audio in stereo directly from and to any Bluetooth-enabled devices. A lot of brands have tried to solve the technical challenges of universal Bluetooth connectivity but it was only Phonak hearing aids that successfully launched it. Phonak hearing aids continued to dominate the hearing health care industry when it released the Phonak Paradise that can be paired with multiple Bluetooth devices - up to 8 - simultaneously.

To give you a clearer picture of how Phonak hearing aids sealed its place as an industry innovator, try to imagine that before Phonak Marvel was introduced, only iPhone users had access to direct stereo streaming. Android users had to shell out extra money to purchase and lug around streaming accessories just to enjoy wireless audio from their smartphones. Take note that Android accounted for around 86% of the global smartphone market so when Phonak hearing aids added Marvel to their lineup, the rest was history.