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The common notion about hearing loss is that it can ruin relationships, social life and can make one feel isolated and distant. And it’s true – hearing loss may do all that IF left untreated. Signia hearing aids want to destroy the limits that hearing loss imposes.

Signia hearing aids aim to give people with hearing loss a life with no restrictions. With excellent craftsmanship and high-end functionality in mind, Signia hearing aids give people with hearing loss a chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Listening and hearing can be effortless and enjoyable once again.

Since Signia hearing aids are made to be smart enough to automatically adjust to the environment, users can focus more on being present rather than worrying about manual adjustments for every shift in listening scenarios.


A few decades ago, hearing aids were just primarily used for amplification. They weren’t expected to do anything special – no directional microphones, no sound focusing whatsoever. Truly so different from how modern hearing aids, like Signia hearing aids, are marketed. Today, Signia hearing aids are the best example that hearing aids are capable of more than mere amplification. Signia hearing aids can highlight and focus its attention on different types of sounds, coming from various directions. Signia hearing aids work by going through each individual acoustic environment and observes how each person moves through it.


Below are some of the most in-demand Signia hearing aids available at PA Center for Hearing and Balance.


The Styletto X is designed to look more than a hearing aid. Of course, it’s already a given that Signia hearing aids work like premium hearing aids. BUT, Styletto X goes beyond just being a hearing aid – it boosts the aesthetic factor, looking more like a wireless accessory than a hearing aid.

The Styletto X has a sophisticated form, with a unique combination of solid and graceful lines. The design isn’t just for aesthetics – it all works together to give you a true-to-life hearing experience.

Signia hearing aids are committed to offer more realistic sound, a far cry from merely artificial amplification. If you’ve ever tried other hearing aids before, you’ll really notice the difference once you wear Signia hearing aids.

Other notable features of the Signia Styletto X include: -Signia Assistant helps users maximize functionality and stay fully involved -acoustic motion sensors boost speech understanding -Signia Xperience chip increases better speech comprehension in noisy environments


If you’re looking for a hearing device that’s highly discreet without compromising performance, the Signia Silk X is a good choice. Among all the Signia hearing aids, the Silk X is as close to being invisible.

Don’t underestimate Signia Silk X because it’s small. It carries with it the Signia Xperience technology, powerful enough to deliver clear sound and optimum speech comprehension.

If you’re more at ease with custom-made devices, Silk X is the highly preferred choice among Signia hearing aids. It has highly-adaptive soft silicone sleeves that gives wearers a high level of comfort with a secure fit.

Want Signia hearing aids but don’t have time to wait? Don’t worry – the Signia Silk X comes with 4 silicone sleeves in different sizes, specially made to fit four of the most common ear anatomies. This is a perfect option for patients who don’t want to wait to bring their custom Signia hearing aids home.

Below are some of the best features of Signia Silk X:-in ear location makes it ideal for phone calls and music streaming-dedicated Signia hearing aids app allows easy device customization-better hearing above the noise-Signia TeleCare support provides direct help from a hearing care professional


When sound clarity and accuracy married each other, they produced the Signia Xperience. The Signia Xperience has premium features and technology that only a few in the industry can go head to head with. Think of the Xperience as one of the premium models of Signia hearing aids.

Signia Xperience is powered with tracking movement sensors that move along with the user to make sure that the device can automatically adjust to changes in the acoustic environment.

Signia hearing aids aim to break the limitations and restrictions of wearing hearing aids. You can enjoy life to the fullest, make meaningful conversations and participate in memorable conversations with Signia hearing aids.

Why Signia hearing aids? Traditionally, hearing aids were designed with the concept that the wearer is not moving. Obviously, that’s far from reality – people nowadays are so engrossed in the daily rush of things. Any delay or snag in the middle of the process is considered to be an inconvenience. And Signia hearing aids want nothing to be associated with that.

Most hearing aids can either focus on the sounds around the wearer or directly in front of the wearer – not both. But with Signia Xperience, you can enjoy both without any compromise. Signia hearing aids can enjoy the very same quality of hearing whether they are at rest or in motion – no more, no less.

Notable features of Signia Xperience: -IP68 rated – can withstand moisture, dirt, sweat and dust -acoustic motion sensors improve and maintain overall aspect of sounds -direct connectivity to smartphones for hands-free calling or audio streaming-carries the world’s leading rechargeable lithium ion batteries -fast charging

Signia hearing aids under the Xperience line include Pure Charge & Go X and Pure 312 X.

If you are interested in learning more about Signia hearing aids and their notable features and prices, feel free to visit PA Center for Hearing and Balance, Springfield PA.


Tinnitus is usually a blind spot or a grey area when it comes to hearing loss. Not all hearing aids offer features related to tinnitus, but Signia hearing aids sway back from that mold. With Signia hearing aids, you don’t only get hearing solutions, you can also enjoy tinnitus solutions. Signia hearing aids have ocean wave tinnitus therapy and static noise tinnitus therapy signals that are all complemented by Notch Therapy.


From the point of view of hearing healthcare professionals, we believe that Signia hearing aids are worthy to be recognized as a provider of high-quality hearing solutions.

Signia hearing aids have an impressive portfolio of hearing devices that can accurately and effectively address hearing loss. Signia has a reputation of offering hearing aids that may be on the higher end of the price range BUT these hearing aids also have a positive reputation of delivering what it promises.

For more information about Signia hearing aids, come swing by PA Center for Hearing and Balance and our audiologists will be glad to walk you through the different models and its corresponding features.

Hear Better. Live Better.