All about the “Signia difference”

A few decades ago, hearing aids were just primarily used for amplification. They weren’t expected to do anything special - no directional microphones, no sound focusing whatsoever. Truly so different from how modern hearing aids, like Signia hearing aids, are marketed. Today, Signia hearing aids are the best example that hearing aids are capable of more than mere amplification. Signia hearing aids can highlight and focus its attention on different types of sounds, coming from various directions. Signia hearing aids work by going through each individual acoustic environment and observes how each person moves through it.

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Signia Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

Tinnitus is usually a blind spot or a grey area when it comes to hearing loss. Not all hearing aids offer features related to tinnitus, but Signia hearing aids sway back from that mold. With Signia hearing aids, you don’t only get hearing solutions, you can also enjoy tinnitus solutions. Signia hearing aids have ocean wave tinnitus therapy and static noise tinnitus therapy signals that are all complemented by Notch Therapy.

Are Signia hearing aids worth it?

From the point of view of hearing healthcare professionals, we believe that Signia hearing aids are worthy to be recognized as a provider of high-quality hearing solutions.

Signia hearing aids have an impressive portfolio of hearing devices that can accurately and effectively address hearing loss. Signia has a reputation of offering hearing aids that may be on the higher end of the price range BUT these hearing aids also have a positive reputation of delivering what it promises.

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