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If you’ve ever tried to shop for hearing aids, you may have the idea that they can be quite expensive. For people on a budget, cheaper alternatives are a god-send, like Costco hearing aids.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Costco hearing aids and what you can expect when you go to the in-store hearing centers.

Costco is a favorite place to shop for so many consumers all over the U.S. Nearly anything is sold there, and when Costco hearing aids were released to the public, a lot of shoppers patronized the products.

Costco’s hearing aid center offers access to free hearing tests and free hearing aid cleanings. Costco hearing aids are marketed to be top-quality hearing aids with affordable price tags.

Before you go and think that they’re all that, we want to give you a heads-up on some Costco hearing aids red flags.

Costco Hearing Aids Red Flags


This one is a no-brainer. If you’re not a member of Costco membership shop, you can’t access the products and services they offer. A standard membership starts at $60 per year.

Take note that you will have to maintain your membership so you can visit the warehouse and avail of the services offered by Costco for their hearing aids.

When you think about it, hearing clinics like PA Center for Hearing and Balance offer a lot more options than Costco hearing aids. Aside from being seen by a certified audiologist, we can offer you more options that suit not only your hearing needs but also your budget, lifestyle and personal preferences.

With hearing clinics, like PA Center for Hearing and Balance, you don’t need to be a member to avail of top-notch products and services recommended by audiologists.


As we mentioned earlier, Costco hearing aids don’t have available payment plans. You need to pay them full upfront. Your insurance provider may allow you to use FSA funds or process reimbursement but you need to pay in full before Costco hearing aids can be ordered.


Not all Costco stores have hearing aid centers. If you happen to be in a location that doesn’t have a Costco hearing aid center, we would recommend that you go to an audiology clinic to get better hearing aids.


Costco only carries five (including its own brand) of hearing aids. This means that you are only limited to models that these brands carry.

The hearing aid industry is really very wide, so you might be missing out on other worthy hearing aids if you just stick to Costco’s variations. Plus, Costco hearing aids do not usually carry the latest model or version of hearing aids. This is mainly attributed to the fact that hearing aid manufacturers prioritize private practices when it comes to distribution of the latest and most updated hearing aids.

Real ear measurement

We’re not so confident with how real ear measurement is carried out in Costco hearing aid centers.

Take note that at most, only state-licensed hearing aid dispensers are the ones who fit you with hearing aids. Whereas in hearing clinics, such as PA Center for Hearing and Balance, licensed audiologists who are experts in the field of hearing are the ones who carry out hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and real ear measurement. You can be sure that you are entrusting your hearing health only to the experts.


Before you get all excited and prepare your wallet for some hearing aid shopping, here are some common questions about Costco hearing aids that we’ll gladly answer for you:
Costco hearing aids come from five different manufacturers from big-name brands and the store’s private label.

Costco hearing aids consist of Kirkland Signature, Rexton, ReSound, Philips and Phonak. These hearing aids come in a variety of styles which include:

Behind the Ear
Bluetooth Capable
In the Ear
Completely in the Canal
In our point of view, of course we would have to recommend getting a hearing aid from a hearing clinic (more on that later).

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying and using Costco hearing aids, we just want you to make sure that you are being fitted with the RIGHT hearing aids to maximize the benefits of the device and to enjoy optimum hearing benefits.

Our team at PA Center for Hearing and Balance want you to enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest. If you are in Springfield, PA and would want to be seen by an audiologist, our doors are open for you. Set an appointment or visit us at your most convenient time.

And it’s a good thing you can’t. Why? It’s because when it comes to actually buying a hearing aid, you need to be guided and fitted by a qualified hearing specialist to make sure that you are getting the right and best fit. If you’re planning to buy Costco hearing aids, you need to schedule an appointment at the nearest Costco hearing aid center. Speaking of qualified hearing specialists, the staff at Costco hearing aid centers are almost usually state-licensed hearing aid dispensers. If you would prefer to be seen by an audiologist, hearing aid clinics are the best way to go.

During your scheduled appointment at the Costco hearing aid center, an associate will help you choose the hearing aid that can best address your hearing needs. Costco will have to order the hearing aids at the time of your purchase, so it is expected that you’ll have to pay for the device(s) upfront.
This is the tricky part – while you may be qualified to get reimbursement from your insurance provider, Costco doesn’t offer payment plans for hearing aids. Costco also doesn’t process insurance claims, so better take note of that.
For more information about the best hearing aids for you, schedule your appointment at PA Center for Hearing and Balance and to speak with our certified in-house audiologist.

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