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Who needs to protect their ears?

People who are always exposed to loud noises, sound or music – whether it’s for work or recreation- need to wear hearing protection. Hunters, shooters, musicians, industrial workers – those are just some of the people who need to wear hearing protection. When it comes to hearing protection, musicians have their own unique needs and preferences. Musicians need musician earplugs and monitors not only to protect their hearing but also to be able to hear their own voice or music clearly along with other musicians or band members’ voices or instrument while performing.


Musicians who perform in large audiences may need an in-ear monitor,also known as IEMs. Musician earplugs and monitors are considered to be the current standard in the music industry. IEMs allow a musician to clearly hear the music they are making just as the audience would hear it while still protecting the ears from damage and suffering from permanent hearing loss.

Musician earplugs and monitors work best if they are custom molded so that it can fit the musician’s ears better. Our audiologists at PA Center for Hearing and Balance believe that protecting the health of the ears is better than providing damage care. As cliche as this may sound, it is actually better to prevent damage than to cure a patient with a damaged ear drum or severe hearing loss due to loud sounds or amplification. Audiologists are always reminding a consumer or a patient about the impacts of loud sounds or noises to hearing health.

While custom musician earplugs and monitors are highly recommended accessories, the option to use a universal or standard fit of musician monitors still remains. Universal IEMs usually come with interchangeable silicone tips or foam to deliver a semi-custom fitting experience.


Audiologists at PA Center for Hearing and Balance can help you get the custom fit and other hearing services that you need. Aside from doing the regular diagnostic job of taking care of hearing health and providing hearing aid maintenance, audiologists can also help individuals choose the best musician earplugs and monitors.

Musician earplugs and IEMs can be custom-made with the use of a mold to fit a user's unique ear shape. Our audiologists at PA Center are experts in custom
earmold fittings.

An ear impression is used to make the in-ear monitor or earmold. This is the most important part of the process to ensure that musician earplugs and monitors provide a good, custom fit. The fit and quality of musician earplugs and monitors along with material and technique directly impacts the sound isolation, comfort and overall sound quality performance that it gives to the wearer.

Since this part of the fitting process is so crucial, it is very important that you go to someone who is known to be an expert or a professional when it comes to making impressions for musician earplugs and monitors. PA Center for Hearing and Balance houses a team of professional audiologists who are trained in the process of fitting earmolds for musician earplugs and monitors.

We can provide custom fitted musician earplugs and monitors in addition to hearing aids and other hearing-related devices. Take note that custom earmolds are not limited to musician earplugs and monitors and can be used by other individuals who need high quality occupational hearing protection.



Conventional earplugs, otherwise known as store-bought ear plugs are actually great at providing hearing protection. However, if you are a musician, you need to keep in mind that these items provide too much protection, to the point of muffling speech and sound. This is where musician earplugs and monitors enter the scene.

While traditional or conventional ear plugs make voices, music and practically any audio sound unclear and unnatural, it is a big no-no from a musician’s point of view. Conventional hearing protection may reduce sounds in very high frequencies but musicians need flexible hearing protection, something that musician earplugs and monitors can provide.

You see, most musicians do not really need maximum protection. What musicians need is mid to low frequency protection. This is what musician earplugs and monitors are specifically designed for.


Musicians ear plugs are available in custom and non-custom options. There are also ready-fit musician ear plugs that can effectively reduce sound levels by approximately 2- dB, just enough to reduce harmful sound without necessarily distorting music or speech.

Musicians earplugs and monitors are the type that sits deep in the ear to allow the earmold to seal within the bony portion of the ear canal. The tight fitting reduces the occlusion effect, known as a boomy or hollow sound in the musicians’ own voice. The occlusion effect is usually experienced with low quality ear plugs, which is definitely a turn off for musicians.

A deep fit ear mold is preferred by musicians because of the quality of sound produced that allows musicians to hear what needs to be heard while performing in front of a live audience, while practicing or recording a song.


Though dubbed as musicians earplugs and monitors, don’t take it literally because these devices can also offer hearing protection for recording engineers, sound crews, truck drivers, industrial workers, construction workers, motorcyclists, referees, medical professionals, band teachers, concert goer, airline personnel, DJs, and athletes.
If you are a musician, or if you know someone who needs musician earplugs, in-ear monitors, or custom fit hearing protection, make an appointment with our audiologist to ask about custom fitted devices.


The loud noises on stage can actually lead to permanent damage or hearing loss and will eventually end up affecting the ability of a musician to play or perform properly. This is why musician earplugs and monitors are considered by audiologists to be an essential part of maintaining hearing health.

If you are undecided or confused on the type, brand or model of musician earplugs and monitors that you should get, we can help. Our team of audiologists at PA Center for Hearing and Balance will be happy to walk you through choosing the right musician earplugs and monitors that are suited for your lifestyle and budget.

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