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What Is 3D Ear Scanning?

3D ear scans are safe and modern alternatives to the traditional procedure of silicone earmold impression so that the true shape of the ears can be fully captured digitally. A 3D ear scan is quick, accurate, and offers no discomfort. Basically, the Otoscan 3D ear scan is a digital ear scanning solution that was developed by Otometrics. It was developed by hearing health care professionals for the hearing care industry. The advanced technology of the 3D ear scan is not just for show – in fact, if you have tried getting a traditional ear old before, you can really differentiate between the old process and the 3D ear scan.

At PA Center for Hearing and Balance, our team of certified audiologists strives to give a patient the best and most personalized care with the latest hearing health care technology. PA Center for Hearing and Balance is proud to announce that we are the only practice in the Springfield, PA area that offers custom ear impressions using the latest hearing test technology, the Otometrics Otoscan 3D ear scanner.

Otoscan: 3D Digital Ear Scanning Solution

Getting a 3D ear scan is simple and painless. The entire 3D ear scan is usually completed within 5 minutes. During the 3D ear scan, a patient will be able to see the inside of your ear including the ear canal and you can observe how the scan is being performed.

A 3D ear scan can be accessed and processed by manufacturers and audiology clinics on the same day of the test. Otoscan virtually eliminates all the waiting time needed for shipping using traditional ear impressions. With a 3D ear scan, custom-made earmolds can be created faster, giving more convenience to the patient and the audiologist.

3D ear scans are undeniably part of the future of hearing technology. PA Center for Hearing and Balance is proud to share with our clients and patients this innovative technology to help improve the quality of life. 

Otoscan 3D Ear Scan: Personalized Comfort, Quick Solution

A 3D scan is a favorite tool of clinicians to provide a quick and personalized procedure of earmold production.

Why Otoscan 3D Ear Scan?

Otoscan helps create excitement, interest, and awareness by providing patients and prospective clients with the latest advanced technology in hearing care counseling. Otoscan is the first 3D ear scan solution developed by hearing care professionals themselves to make the process of earmold production faster and deliver convenience to patients.

Otoscan 3D Ear Scan: Establishing a Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship

With Otoscan 3D ear scan, patients and doctors can engage more and establish a stronger relationship. Audiologists can learn more about a patient’s hearing ability (or disability)  and a relevant context for dialogue can take place.

Influencing Streamline Processes

With Otoscan 3D ear scan, audiologists now have the ability to deliver an advanced and customized version of hearing care efficiently. Additionally, Otoscan also paves way for producing custom in-the-ear products such as hearing aids or earmolds. 

Otoscan 3D ear scan makes the job of an audiologist easier and the visit to a hearing clinic easier thanks to the new technology that transforms the images of the ear directly into 3D digital files and uploaded to Otocloud – a cloud service that makes use of proprietary technology for producing a custom ear product.

It’s very easy to differentiate the level of comfort that a 3D ear scan offers compared to the traditional earmold procedure. Treatment of hearing loss just got a whole lot easier thanks to the availability of 3D ear scans which have some very good points that can benefit and motivate a consumer to push through with a hearing aid purchase.

Benefits of 3D Ear Scan

With a 3D ear scan, patients can save money and time on getting customized earmolds and hearing aids. Patient records also become digital and can be sorted for easy storage, use, and retrieval. 

With the new technology of Otoscan, the images are transformed into 3D digital files that can be immediately used for the production of custom products. Patient records are stored securely in digital form and can be easily stored and retrieved anytime.

Overall, clients and audiologists enjoy a cleaner and faster procedure with a 3D ear scan. 

In terms of safety, a 3D ear scan has gotten the votes of clinical experts – it is definitely safe, fast, and easy. If you are in the Springfield, PA area and are looking for a hearing center that offers 3D ear scans, feel free to call PA Center for Hearing and Balance and set an appointment.

Is a 3D Ear Scan Safe?

If you are wondering about the safety and efficacy of a 3D ear scan, it is currently FDA-approved for patients 18 years and older. It is still in the process of getting FDA approval for pediatrics.

Otoscan 3D Ear Scan Cloud Community Partners

Currently, the Otocloud Community includes hearing aid brands like ReSound, Dreve, Microsonic, Emtech Laboratories Inc., Westone, and Widex (UK only). Otoscan 3D ear scan definitely has a lot of potentials and it won’t be long until 3D ear scans will be the future of hearing care counseling. It is projected that 3D ear scans will change the way audiologists can provide hearing care.


With Otoscan 3D ear scan, patients can have personalized counseling with certified audiologists and can engage more with patients thanks to its revolutionized technology and innovation. Otoscan hearing aids suggest a new workflow to make patients more at ease with audiologists. With the Otoscan 3D ear scan, an audiologist checks and scans a patient’s ear, which involves the patient in the early stages of the hearing aid selection process. During testing and sharing of information, audiologists can use the 3D ear scan as a counseling tool.


Take a look at it this way – when a patient walks in the door of a hearing aid clinic, they might have the desire to purchase the smallest and most invisible hearing aid on the market. However, when testing is done and the results are presented, a patient may learn that he or she may not be the best candidate for the tiniest hearing aid that he or she imagined. A 3D ear scan can reveal the ear canal shape and type of hearing loss and using the results of the scan, an audiologist can visually explain to patients and comprehensively counsel the patient regarding their concerns and do some leveling on their expectations when it comes to the hearing aid model that is recommended for them.

Otoscan 3D Ear Scan, Springfield PA

If you want to get an Otoscan 3D ear scan, set an appointment with us at PA Center for Hearing and Balance. Our team of hearing healthcare professionals can deliver a personalized diagnostic session and provide solutions, counseling, and support for a better quality of life.

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