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Unitron belongs to the Sonova Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids and accessories. It is based in Canada and has a U.S headquarters located in Minnesota.

Unitron has established its presence in more than 70 countries around the world and has a significant presence in Europe and North America.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Features and Technology

Unitron is one of the leading companies that make premium hearing aids for all levels and severity of hearing loss. A Unitron product can be programmed by an audiologist or a hearing health care professional based on hearing test results. We can help you choose the best Unitron hearing aid according to your hearing requirements. Unitron hearing aids are known to deliver high performance hearing aids and offer products with universal wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Unitron has been maintaining brand independence and has been offering unique products and services with distinct offerings such as the FLEX experience, which gives prospective users a chance to try out Unitron hearing aids before making a decision to purchase a certain device. The prices of Unitron hearing aids may need a lot of serious decision making, so before you purchase one, it’s highly recommended that you consult with an audiologist who knows the ins and outs of the industry platform. Below are some Unitron hearing aids available at PA Center for Hearing and Balance:

Unitron Moxi

Unitron Moxi line has a discreet and stylish design that makes it look less like a hearing aid and more of a cool and sleek accessory. Moxi has 11 models to suit different hearing requirements and lifestyles.

The Moxi Blu family is the latest offering from Moxi line of hearing aids. Powered by Integra OS, these devices run on a highly advanced signal processing system that makes them adapt quickly to any listening environment. All designs are made-for-all connectivity that puts comfort and ease of use at the forefront. The latest platform of Moxi offers a personalized, adaptable and liberating experience like never before.

Unitron ShineRev+

Available in seven models, Unitron ShineRev+ is available with in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and receiver-in-canal designs. Running on the ShineRev+ platform, users can enjoy a hearing solution that’s centered on providing a fast fitting workflow and high-performance technology that’s easily accessible to everyone.

Unitron ShineRev+ models are designed to deliver a hearing experience that can fit different hearing requirements and unique lifestyles.

Unitron Stride

If you are looking for Unitron hearing aids that have a patient-centric design, the Unitron Stride may just be what you are looking for. Available in 4 models, the Unitron Stride gives users the freedom to interact in all listening scenarios. It has an award-winning design with a technology level that can easily match the lifestyle of any customer. Getting back to all the conversations and interacting effectively with friends and family is easy to do with Unitron hearing aids like the Stride.

Unitron Max

Unitron Max comes in two variants (Max SP and Max UP) and gives users the needed power and performance right from the first fitting. The advanced features of the Unitron Max offer environmental awareness and optimized speech perception, which is why it’s not really surprising that it has top ratings from consumers.

Unitron Insera

The Insera belongs to the more sophisticated line of Unitron hearing aids. Unitron Insera devices have an in-the-ear (ITE) design that uses an EarMatch tech to optimize its performance based on a person’s unique ear shape. Users of the Unitron Insera can enjoy amazing speech understanding and impressive awareness while keeping everything sounding just the way it should.

Why Unitron Hearing Aids ?

Choosing the best hearing aids for you, especially if it’s your first time to use hearing aids, can be quite overwhelming. You may want to have a trial period, and fortunately, most hearing aid centers offer this service. If you are near the Springfield, PA area, a visit to PA Center for Hearing and Balance will be of great help. It houses a team of certified audiologists to check your hearing loss and help you with whatever hearing concerns you may have.

If you have been eyeing Unitron hearing aids for some time now, it’s best to consult a professional audiologist so that they can help you choose and determine the type and style that works for you and your lifestyle. Unitron hearing aids come in a variety of devices with various styles, functions and perks. Speaking of perks, Unitron hearing aids come with the FLEX experience, where a patient can be guaranteed a customer-centric experience.

Unitron Hearing Aids Accessories

Unitron hearing aids are great by themselves but if you want to personalize your experience, there is a wide range of choices that can give a smart solution in turning your listening experience to a whole new level.

Unitron Smart Control Remote

Enjoy a finer level of control with the Unitron Smart Control Remote. This innovative, full-featured remote allows a user to easily make a wide range of adjustments to hearing aids, including real-time customization and control for improved and personalized listening quality and comfort.

Unitron uStream

A patient using Unitron hearing aids can easily experience stereo thanks to technologies offered by Unitron uStream. With the Unitron uStream, a patient can easily and discreetly connect to wireless devices like MP3 players, a TV or a smartphone (Android or iPhone).

Unitron uDirect 3

Enjoy streaming audio using your Unitron hearing aids with the Unitron uDirect 3 accessory. This is a hands-free accessory that allows a user to enjoy direct connections to entertainment and communication devices such as MP3 players, FM receivers, mobile phones and TVs. Plus, it offers a stereo sound and an impressive battery life. A user can enjoy watching his favorite TV program or YouTube video with ease thanks to this Unitron hearing aids accessory.

Rechargeable battery

Enjoy streaming audio using your Unitron hearing aids with the Unitron uDirect 3 accessory. This is a hands-free accessory that allows a user to enjoy direct connections to entertainment and communication devices such as MP3 players, FM receivers, mobile phones and TVs. Plus, it offers a stereo sound and an impressive battery life. A user can enjoy watching his favorite TV program or YouTube video with ease thanks to this Unitron hearing aids accessory.

Unitron uTV3

Enhance your listening experience with Unitron hearing aids by using the uTV3 which delivers sound from the TV directly to your hearing devices. This guarantees a more pleasurable experience for users who like to get their entertainment fix through the TV.

Unitron uControl

Take control of the volume of your favorite programs via the smart device or smartphone that you are using. Whatever environment you may be in, you are in control with uControl.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Design

Unitron is a company that clearly knows the importance of a design and its impact on the user. Unitron hearing aids are a combination of design and function, clearly engineered precisely so as not to compromise either one. Unitron hearing aids boast of comfort and appearance, ensuring that users will enjoy the listening experience and eventually improve the quality of life.

Unitron hearing aids have also been getting awards, a proof that these are really high quality hearing devices. The Unitron Stride and Moxi have received the prestigious Red Dot design awards in 2017. In case you are looking for a small yet powerful hearing aid, you would want to check out the Unitron Moxi, the manufacturing company’s smallest hearing aid, yet fully functional, comfortable and easy to navigate.

Unitron Hearing Aids - Technology and Comfort

Basically, Unitron may not be considered as budget hearing aids, but it will definitely be worth more than what you pay for.

Unitron hearing aids are engineered with comfort and user experience in mind and this brand also remains to be one of the leading hearing companies in the hearing industry today.

Unitron Hearing Aids - Styles

Unitron hearing aids are available in three styles – receiver-in-canal (RIC), behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE). Let’s look closely how each style provides unique service to different hearing loss needs.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Receiver-in-canal Style

The location of a receiver-in-canal sits behind the ear. It features a thin wire that goes over the ear and into the ear canal The speaker of the RIC device sits inside the ear canal.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Behind-the-ear Style

A BTE hearing aid sits behind the ear, similar to RIC style, but it has a curved piece that hooks itself to the ear so that it will hold in place. The BTE style is known to be one of the largest, so keep this in mind if you are in the process of choosing the best Unitron hearing aids for your lifestyle.

Unitron Hearing Aids: In-the-Ear Style

An ITE hearing aid is known to be custom-made for each user. It differs in size – some are a bit large and can fill the entire ear while some Unitron hearing aids with ITE style can be more discreet, but not to the point of being really invisible to the naked eye.
Unitron Hearing Aids Springfield, PA

If you are looking for a pair of hearing aids that belong to a manufacturer that is in the relentless pursuit of technological enhancements and innovations to its products, then you are in safe hands with Unitron hearing aids.

Feel free to visit PA Center for Hearing and Balance and come face to face with a Unitron hearing aid that’s perfect for you. 

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