Hearing and Balance


Why test your hearing?

Testing your hearing is a vital part in maintaining your hearing health. Whether you intend to take an online hearing test at the comfort of your home or you prefer to go to a hearing health clinic and have a professional audiologist test your hearing for you, a hearing test can determine if you are suffering from hearing loss or other underlying issues.


While some are strongly opposed to testing hearing online, there’s actually nothing wrong with it, as long as it is used hand in hand with a proper hearing evaluation by an audiologist.

In fact, an online hearing test can even initially detect if there’s something wrong with your hearing. An audiologist can confirm or verify and make a formal diagnosis after a hearing evaluation.

An online hearing test is considered to be a valid starting point in a hearing evaluation. In fact, the majority of hearing aid brands and hearing health care foundations offer their own set of online hearing screening. Some hearing clinics, like the PA Center for Hearing and Balance also have their own online hearing tests.
If you think you are ready to take an online hearing test, contact us today.


You can ask your primary health care professional for a recommendation if you do not have a trusted audiologist to go to yet. If you are in the Springfield, PA area, you can visit PA Center for Hearing and Balance to set an appointment with a certified professional audiologist. If you’ve gone ahead and took an online hearing test, you can still refer yourself to an audiologist to correlate the results of the online hearing test vs an actual, face-to-face hearing test.


At a hearing appointment, you initially fill out some paperworks, such as family background, medical history, hospitalization data. Unlike an online hearing test, an actual hearing appointment entails a more detailed evaluation. Your audiologist will start the the hearing test during a hearing appointment with pure-tone audiometry. During this hearing test the patient sits in a soundproof booth wearing headphones and pressing a button every time they hear a certain sound, as instructed. The patient is comfortable during the hearing evaluation; testing and screening are painless and will last for 15-20 minutes.


Taking an online hearing test may be convenient, free and easy to do, but keep in mind that it still has its own set of limitations. An online hearing test is less likely to be accurate when it comes to identifying hearing problems and to what extent those specific problems are. Unlike having a hearing evaluation conducted by an audiologist, an online hearing test is not a full or reliable assessment.
If you experience ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus, nausea, dizziness, or if you are exposed to loud sounds regularly because of work or lifestyle, schedule an appointment with our audiologist to address your hearing health and prevent further damage.


Unlike an online hearing test, where only you, your computer and speakers are interacting, a face-to-face hearing evaluation will have you answering pertinent questions and sharing some important health information to an audiologist. To give you the best hearing health care, an audiologist may ask a question about your current and previous physical and medical background. A hearing test conducted by an audiologist will always be personalized.

There are several physical conditions that can affect a person’s hearing status. This sort of information cannot be evaluated during an online hearing test. It is also worth noting that it is very important that an audiologist evaluate your hearing issues because it can make other existing medical conditions worse. Unlike an online hearing test, which is quite vague and cannot give out an accurate hearing loss diagnosis, a hearing test conducted by an audiologist may involve more than just one test and may take a series of other tests to further pin down a specific diagnosis.

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