Oticon Hearing Aids can connect wirelessly to your smart phone.

Key Features of Oticon Hearing Aids

  • 360°access to speech with less effort
  • Outstanding clear sound with more detail
  • Prevention of annoying howling sounds
  • Easy wireless connectivity many devices
  • Rechargeable convenience instead of disposable batteries

Why Oticon Hearing Aids?

Oticon is known to be one of the leading innovative brands of hearing aids with rechargeable and wireless innovations. Oticon hearing aids helps you break free from the limitations of hearing loss and reconnect to the conversation around you, even in difficult listening environments.  

Their advanced and effective technology supports key innovations shown to provide better hearing with less effort.  Easy wireless connectivity to devices and modern rechargeable lithium-ion batteries offer you a complete day of listening with quick recharging at bedtime.  

With the latest breakthroughs in sound quality and speech understanding, allowing up to 30% more understanding, Oticon hearing aids offer more assistance in daily situations and noisy environments 

Does OTICON accommodate custom hearing aids?

Custom-Style hearing aids are available and deliver Bluetooth connectivity and high performance sound processing.