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Hearing aids come with small parts and components, hence it is not surprising if over time, these hearing devices may need service repairs. Hearing aid repairs play a vital role in the hearing journey of an individual especially because it supports how a person with hearing loss takes part in daily speech and conversations. We know the feeling of trying to turn on a hearing aid and finding out that it produces no sound or the battery door has become unhinged. These things do happen, even if the hearing aids are well taken care of, and we at PA Center for Hearing and Balance offer hearing aid repairs to help your hearing device get back on track.

If you think that your device needs some hearing aid repairs, take it to your audiologist. Audiologists are equipped to check and diagnose broken hearing aids. Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done at PA Center for Hearing and Balance and the device can be used again right after. However, for major hearing aid repairs, we may have to recommend sending it back to the manufacturer for further repair. An audiologist can help determine the needed hearing aid repairs so feel free to take it to a professional if you think that there’s something wrong with your device. There are instances when a technician can check the hearing aid only to find out that it cannot function properly because it has accumulated debris or moisture and the item simply needs some cleaning.


If you are a patient of PA Center for Hearing and Balance and you are using hearing aids that were not fitted in our office, don’t worry – we’ll still be happy to try to repair your hearing aids. If your currently located somewhere around Springfield, PA, we can help! We service most major hearing aid brands – feel free to call us for inquiries or any other hearing aid concerns.

Brand new hearing aids come with a warranty; you should hold on to that warranty card because it is very vital when it comes to hearing aid repairs. Warranties vary depending on the manufacturer but usually, a warranty period covers the devices for a year. If the warranty of your hearing aid has already expired, PA Center for Hearing and Balance can still repair most hearing aids with minor issues for a small cost. An audiologist will provide a user with warranty details and conditions for hearing aid repairs once you take it into the office or hearing clinic.


At PA Center for Hearing and Balance, we understand the importance of hearing aids in your life. Upon arrival of your hearing aids at our clinic, a professional audiologist or technician will perform a detailed inspection and diagnosis to check the problem. Our technicians will evaluate all the vital components of your hearing aid including the volume control, batteries, microphone, electrical tubing, wires, speakers, processor, buttons, switches, etc.

We don’t just stop at hearing aid repairs. Before returning the repaired hearing tool to you, we make sure that we clean it thoroughly and go through an extensive quality control and evaluation. We understand the importance of hearing aids to improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from hearing loss, hence, we give our all out technological support and expertise with no question.


While you are well acquainted with your hearing devices from wearing them every day, hearing air requires specialized equipment and knowledge. It is important when it comes to hearing devices to be familiar with the technology and have the right tools for the job, otherwise you might do more harm than good. What should have been a minor repair may end up to be a major one and might even end up with you paying a high cost for the repair.

When it comes to hearing aid repairs, it is highly recommended that you visit an expert to avoid damaging your devices. You want to avoid miniscule cracks, tears, or perforations on the soft and tiny parts of the hearing aid. If you’ve already carried out basic troubleshooting and the hearing aid is still not functioning as it should, it’s time to take it to the experts. When you take your hearing devices to our clinic, you can rely on our expert diagnosis and service. We see to it that the necessary hearing aid repairs are carried out with care and competence at a reasonable price.


No matter what the brand of hearing aids, they are all susceptible to damage or malfunction. Brands like ReSound, Oticon, Widex and other world-class hearing aids are respected in the hearing health care industry but no device is perfect or invincible. That being said, we are aware that new hearing aid acquisition is not always an option so part of our job at PA Center for Hearing and Balance is to make sure that you get the most out of your hearing aids and hear high quality sound in different environments.

During hearing aid repairs, some parts will have to be replaced. When a receiver (speaker) or microphone is replaced, there may be a dramatic increase in the sound volume. There are instances when a technician needs to turn up the volume of your hearing aid to compensate for other deteriorating parts. This is where the importance of choosing an audiologist to handle hearing aid repairs. Audiologists have access to a person’s specific hearing needs and can therefore control and adjust the settings. A repaired hearing aid may have its settings reset so an audiologist plays a big role in making sure that the hearing aid program matches the specific audiological needs of a patient.

If a repaired hearing aid produces feedback or gets too loud in a specific setting or environment, a visit to an audiologist is needed. Additional sound adjustments may be needed to ensure that the user can enjoy a healthy and functional hearing aid experience. To avoid having to get hearing aid repairs, make sure that you take extra care of your hearing devices by keeping them clean, dry and stored in a protective case when not in use.

Let PA Center for Hearing and Balance make sure you get the best possible sound out of your hearing aids.

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