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Hearing aids should address the unique needs and hearing specifications of an individual so GN ReSound hearing aids help you hear adapt to your specific environment with its wide range of models, wireless accessories and apps.

ReSound’s portfolio of hearing aids aims to provide virtually everyone with the hearing solution that suits their unique needs.



ReSound One offers easier-to-follow conversations thanks to the All Access Directionality. A customer can have access to all the sounds and he or she can take charge of the sound that should be focused on. The ReSound One also has Ultra Focus that acts like an individual beam of sound that lets the user decide when to minimize background noise to focus on the speech that is directly in front of the wearer, even in the toughest environments.   
The ReSound One is built for adaptability and ultimate comfort. ReSound One has one touchpoint that sits at the back of the ear and is positioned lower to be more discreet. ReSound One is offered in three models and also comes with a variety of colors to blend easily with skin tones and hair color. ReSound hearing aids aim to give a consumer confidence and needed discretion. In short, the ReSound One is an ideal model for users who want low profile or almost invisible hearing devices.

ReSound hearing aids also offer the best rechargeable battery life in the hearing industry, as offered by the ReSound One model. ReSound One has rechargeable batteries that can last for 25 to 30 hours, giving users a lot of time for streaming. ReSound One also has two charger options that also serve as a portable and stylish protective case. The Premium Charger has an onboard battery that can last for three days with quick charging while the Standard Charger can provide simple and at home charging capabilities housed in an elegant and small design.

ReSound One has a microphone in the ear and two standard directional microphones that support directionality features and wireless audio streaming. The expected battery life of ReSound hearing aids depend greatly on active features, hearing loss, device age, sound environment and the use of wireless accessories.


Another set of ReSound hearing aids that have been getting a good review from the hearing community and top sales in the market is the ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aid. It makes the hearing aid automatically adjust to the environment by allowing the user to personalize the details of his or her hearing experience. The ReSound hearing aids also come with an increased power, eliminating the lag time when a user is streaming directly to the ReSound hearing aids or via ReSound wireless accessories.

ReSound LiNX Quattro comes with a small and discreet lithium-ion battery that is completely sealed for protection. Among the ReSound hearing aids available, the ReSound LiNX Quattro is known to be the most advanced rechargeable model with a long lasting battery, long enough to give a user power for more than a full day of usage. The battery status is also easy to monitor thanks to the ReSound Smart 3D app along with the LED lights that act as an indicator of power status for both the charger and the ReSound hearing aids themselves.

If before, hearing aid wearers needed to make a choice between having the convenience of complete connectivity and a discreet hearing aid, ReSound hearing aids have provided a solution for that. Thanks to ReSound hearing aids and its technology, people with hearing loss can enjoy the benefit of complete connectivity even in the smallest devices.

The ReSound LiNX Quattro is known to be the pioneer of the world’s first wireless CIC with a software that supports full, direct streaming. ReSound hearing aids can stream music and phone calls from your smartphone, whether it is iOS or Android. ReSound hearing aids  are highly recommended by hearing health care professionals because it does not only provide great hearing solutions but it can also pave the way for a better quality of life and communication.


To fully enjoy the benefits or simply personalize your experience with ReSound hearing aids, the company also offers ReSound hearing aids accessories. Some of the ReSound hearing aids accessories include

         ReSound Remote Control
         ReSound Micro Mic
         ReSound Multi Mic
         ReSound Phone Clip+
         ReSound Remote Control 2
         ReSound TV Streamer 2

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