Starkey Hearing focuses on digital devices which help connect wearers to the world.

Starkey Hearing Aids: Livio Edge AI

True to its name, the Livio Edge AI is powered by artificial intelligence that offers never-before-possible sound quality and performance even in the most challenging listening environments. This model of Starkey hearing aids has a standard rechargeable style and is actually known as the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid. 

The Livio Edge AI can also track brain and body health, thanks to the integrated sensor and artificial intelligence. The Livio Edge AI is more than just a pair of Starkey hearing aids - it can work as a multipurpose device that tracks physical activities and cognitive health. 

What makes this product have an edge in the market is that while most fitness tracking devices are worn on the wrist, the Livio Edge AI is on the ear, providing more accurate data than any other fitness tracking products and accessories.  

Starkey Hearing Aids: Picasso

Connectivity is one of the top features of Starkey hearing aids as it helps a wearer be connected with family, friends and colleagues. The Picasso Starkey hearing aids are built on Synergy platform which features an enhanced sound quality called Hearing Reality. Based on its name, this feature replicates natural hearing to offer unprecedented sound quality like no other. The Starkey Picasso not only offers advanced technology but this tool can also be custom fit to suit the unique needs of a user.

Starkey Hearing Aids: Muse iQ

Muse iQ is one of the newest technology offered among Starkey hearing aids. It allows a user to be present in a situation or moment that entails a sense of immersion, providing an experience that makes the user feel connected to the sounds in different environments.

Starkey Hearing Aids: Halo iQ

If you are looking for Starkey hearing aids that offer the latest smartphone compatibility, the Halo iQ would give a good score. It has advanced noise reduction technology and also has an accurate directional microphone to help make speech easier to hear and sound more natural despite the complex listening environments and complicated background noise.
The Halo iQ is specifically made for Apple Inc. and Android connectivity, so whether you are using an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone, you will be able to enjoy the intelligent features of Starkey hearing aids. The Halo iQ is versatile and simple, originating from the brand’s TruLink Technology. The 2.4 GHz wireless platform delivers completely seamless connectivity in Apple Watch, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone and many more. Users can enjoy ultra high definition audio streaming for music, TV, and more.