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Starkey hearing aids are marketed as the flagship brand of Starkey Hearing Technologies, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Starkey is the sole US company to belong to the Big Five, a group of companies that are recognized to collectively control more than 80% of the global market in the hearing aid industry.

Starkey Hearing Aids Technology

Starkey is known to produce premium hearing aids for all levels and types of hearing loss. Starkey hearing aids can be programmed by an audiologist based on the results of a hearing test. Starkey has established a position as a leading developer of hearing aids with emerging, innovative technologies.

Starkey Livio AI

Experience amazing sound quality with Starkey’s advanced technology. Starkey Livio AI is the world’s first Healthable hearing aid that enables wearers to take a proactive approach to hearing and wellness. Livio AI has a brain and body activity tracking feature that is a real game-changer in hearing aid technology.

Conveniently answer phone calls with one touch of a button and stream sound right to your hearing aids. The device can also accommodate multiple custom memories, including geotagged memories, like “home” or “restaurant.”

Starkey Livio AI is also supported by the Thrive app, allowing users to switch memories, change volume and make changes in the device conveniently.

Starkey Picasso

Connectivity is one of the top features of Starkey hearing aids as it helps a wearer be connected with family, friends and colleagues. The Picasso Starkey hearing aids are built on the Synergy platform which features an enhanced sound quality called Hearing Reality. Based on its name, this feature replicates natural hearing to offer unprecedented sound quality like no other. The Starkey Picasso not only offers advanced technology but this tool can also be custom fit to suit the unique needs of a user.

Starkey Livio Edge AI

True to its name, the Livio Edge AI is powered by artificial intelligence that offers never-before-possible sound quality and performance even in the most challenging listening environments. This model of Starkey hearing aids has a standard rechargeable style and is actually known as the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid.

The Livio Edge AI can also track brain and body health, thanks to the integrated sensor and artificial intelligence. The Livio Edge AI is more than just a pair of Starkey hearing aids – it can work as a multipurpose device that tracks physical activities and cognitive health. What makes this product have an edge in the market is that while most fitness tracking devices are worn on the wrist, the Livio Edge AI is on the ear, providing more accurate data than any other fitness tracking products and accessories.

Starkey hearing aids take pride in offering digital devices that help connect wearers to the world with superior sound quality and listening clarity that offers effortless transitions and natural hearing. A wearer can stream music, phone calls and messages directly from smartphones to the Starkey hearing aids. PA Center for Hearing and Balance offers remote programming to make minor adjustments on your Starkey hearing aids without needing to visit the clinic.
To know more about Starkey hearing aids and accessories, our audiologists at PA Center for Hearing and Balance can help you choose the best device for your hearing requirements.

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