Hearing and Balance


A few years back, hearing aids were either powerful OR discreet – it’s quite tricky to enjoy both. Fast forward to now and Lyric hearing aids made the seemingly impossible possible.

With Lyric hearing aids, the science of clear, natural sound married the art of invisibility. Gone are those days of the past when people who wanted powerful hearing aids had to suffer wearing those boisterous devices on pinned or attached to their clothing.


Lyric hearing aids are the first and only 100% invisible hearing tool in the market.

Since Lyric hearing aids are not your ordinary, typical hearing aid, a Certified Lyric Fitter is needed to place it in the ear canal.  PA Center for Hearing and Balance has certified audiologists to carry out the Lyric fitting process for you.

Lyric hearing aids can be used 24/7. Yes, you read that correctly. A patient doesn’t need to go through the process of wearing-it-then-taking-it-off again. With its strategic position inside the ear canal, Lyric hearing aids maximize the human ear’s anatomy to produce natural and clear sound quality. In short, Lyric hearing aids work with localization cues to give people with hearing loss the best discreet listening experience.


Aside from being 100% invisible (to people around you, that is), let’s discuss the other features and technology of Lyric hearing aids that play a specific role in making it an exceptionally unique and powerful hearing device.

• Wearable 24/7, months a time
• Can be worn when exercising, showering, or sleeping
• No batteries to change
• No daily maintenance, insertion/removal needed
• Clear and natural audio

Lyric hearing aids deliver extraordinary sound quality by utilizing the outer ear’s anatomy to naturally lead sound to the ear canal. This unique process makes Lyric hearing aids function exceptionally without needing multiple channels or settings.


Since Lyric hearing aids are “invisible”, its power is tucked safely inside a soft, biocompatible foam. It seals and lines the contour of the ear canal to ensure stable placement and natural ventilation.

The battery of Lyric hearing aids are specially made to withstand the environment of the ear canal for months. Using the natural mechanisms of the ear, Lyric hearing aids can amplify sounds. Together with the Lyric microphone and receiver, the listening experience becomes truly exceptional.
This is a common question that we get with regards to Lyrics hearing aids. Of course, worry and hesitation is valid when a product is going to be sitting in your ear canal for a month or more.

Lyric hearing aids are FDA-cleared and have been studied intensively since 2001, involving hundreds of clinical research patients.

In more than 15 years of clinical monitoring, there have been zero reports of serious complications with Lyric hearing aids. Lyric hearing aids have a good track record since it was launched in 2007. Put simply, Lyric is competent, professional and boost hearing health in general.
Lyric hearing aids have a very low power consumption because of its analog, digitally programmable WDRC circuit. The design and placement of Lyric hearing aids reduces occlusion and feedback. The natural acoustics of the ear canal, concha and pinna work together to produce improved sound quality while requiring less output. All ready to purchase Lyric hearing aids? Here’s what you need to know:

We’ve already established that Lyric hearing aids don’t function like a typical hearing aid. Understandably, the process of purchasing a Lyric hearing aid is also quite different from typical hearing aids. Why?

Lyric hearing aids can be purchased through an Authorized Lyric Office, like PA Center for Hearing and Balance. Here’s the unique part – you do not simply “buy” Lyric hearing aids – you get them through a subscription basis.
Let’s get down to details:

Lyric hearing aids are covered by a one-year subscription. During this period, replacement of Lyric devices and servicing are covered.

When your Lyric device gets damaged or broken, don’t expect any repairs or battery replacements. When the time comes that you need a new Lyric, you will get a new one at no extra cost, because that’s part of your subscription.

To put it simply, you cannot purchase Lyric hearing aids without a subscription.
There will definitely be instances when you might experience some issues with your Lyric hearing aids while you are on vacation or on a business trip. When this happens, you can look up any Certified Lyric Provider around your current location.

Keep in mind though, that the provider may charge a small fee for services.

Hearing aids with subscription? It’s a big YES for Lyric hearing aids. The cost of the subscription depends on where you live.

If you’re in Springfield, PA and would want to get a quote for Lyric hearing aids, please call us so we can assist you.

From an audiologist’s point of view, paying for a subscription for Lyric hearing aids is worth every cent. With Lyric’s yearly subscription, you can enjoy receiving new devices on a regular basis (because Lyric gets updated every now and then.) Gone are those days when you need to wait for your device to either be broken or outdated so you can get new hearing aids.


If you’re still deciding whether to get a subscription to Lyric hearing aids or not, you can grab the opportunity to try Lyric risk-free for a month.

That’s 30 days of weighing the pros and cons and generally getting the feel of Lyric hearing aids when you use it at home, at work, during your commute, while exercising, etc. Lyric hearing aid subscriptions are available in different payment options.

Hear Better. Live Better.