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Technology is constantly advancing and one of the latest advancements in hearing aid technology is rechargeable hearing aids.

Traditional hearing aids can only last for about 3-4 weeks without replacement batteries, while rechargeable hearing aids can last up to 12 months.

Rechargeable hearing aids are quickly becoming a popular choice among those who experience hearing loss. They have many benefits, which we will explore in this blog post.

Traditional hearing aids require you to purchase and replace batteries frequently – often every day if you wear them all the time.With rechargeable hearing aids, battery replacement is not an issue. This means no more trips back home or work every time you run low on power. The power needed for your hearing aid is all taken care of with an outlet plug or a charging dock.


Long shelf life – Rechargeable hearing aids are not only great for on-the-go use; they also last much longer than traditional ones. Traditional hearing aids have a battery life of about three to four weeks, while rechargeable hearing aids typically work up to 12 months with the same batteries or power source you use on your cell phone or other electronic devices.

Current generations of rechargeable hearing aids use lithium ion batteries. These can hold a charge up to 30 hours and can last around five years before requiring replacement.

Safe for kids – Disposable button batteries are hazardous when swallowed by kids or even pets. Many cases have been reported about kids that have been brought to the hospital because of swallowed disposable button batteries. With rechargeable hearing aids, this risk can be eliminated. No more worrying if you’ve kept the disposable batteries in a safe, hard-to-reach area.

Easier to handle – Hearing aid users can benefit from rechargeable hearing aids. They do not need to worry about changing very small batteries which are very tiny. With rechargeable hearing aids, manipulating tiny batteries and tricky packaging will be an issue no more.

Convenient – No more running out of power. With rechargeable hearing aids, there is no need to worry about hearing aids dying at an inconvenient time or place. Trying to find a replacement in the middle of a ceremony or a luncheon will be a thing of the past.


The need to change batteries will be a thing of the past. No more needing new packs in order for your hearing aids to work. No more worrying about where you put them last time and whether you forgot to turn them off while you were sleeping.

PA Center for Hearing and Balance is an authorized provider of rechargeable hearing aids from major brands. Give us a call to know more about rechargeable hearing aids or to schedule an appointment with our audiologist!

Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids Better?

With the advancement in technology, rechargeable hearing aids have become more technologically advanced and powerful.

One of the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids is that they can be considered a “green” solution because it prevents waste by not requiring disposable batteries to operate.

Rechargeable hearing aids are also a great hearing solution for children. They do not require disposable batteries and can be easily charged with an included cord or outlet charger, eliminating the need to worry about running out of power while your child is playing.

What Is The Cost Of Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

In general, rechargeable hearing aids may cost more than traditional hearing aids. This may be due to the fact that there are many options available for rechargeable devices and not all manufacturers offer this type of technology in their line up as it is a newer development within eldercare solutions.

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